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Published Oct 14, 21
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The author's views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. In my 28 years on this planet, I've come to accept two things as fact: The sun rises every morning. Marketers screw everything up. Because of fact No.

Why? Here's an interaction I used to have five times a day. *Phone rings* "This is Ryan Stewart with WEBRIS. How can I help you?" "I'm looking for SEO for []. I want to rank for [keyword terms x, y, and z]. Can you guys handle that?"I'm over it. I'm tired of explaining to people SEO doesn't work that way anymore.

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I mean, come on people. Look around. We need to stop trying to jam websites where they don't belong. The SERPs havechanged. Google shows search results based on what's best for the user. We can't just rank for whatever keywords we want. Let's take a look at a few examples: What do you notice? Not a single result on the first page is a product page.

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We're all Google users. We all know these are much better results to get than getting a single brand's product page. I want to shop around, compare products, and read reviews. Don't you? What do you notice? Not a single result on the first page is a restaurant's website. As a matter of fact, the results above the fold are tied to review aggregators and Zagat ratings.

I'd much rather read reviews about dozens of restaurants than be directed to a singular one. What do you notice? Ahhhh, yes, I threw this one in for the comment trolls. The top five results are product pages. However, they're all mega-brands. With the current algorithms, we'll never outrank a brand for keywords like that (without spamming the hell out of it).

What do you notice? Not a single result on the first page is a website. There are only review aggregators: Yelp and Google+. OK, so what's happening? It's a combination of two things: #1: Google's got a lot of data, and they're utilizing it, It's safe to say Google understands what users want by analyzing the massive amount of data it has.

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Personally, I love the power of choice. I'd rather pick from a list of companies with reviews and comparison data than one that only includes websites that make it to the top of organic listings. In addition (as much as I hate to say it), I trust brands. I'd rather buy a TV from Best Buy than www.

com. Wouldn't you? #2: We're moving into the "pay-to-play" era with Google, Not too long ago, Facebook moved into the "pay-to-play" era. Now Google's headed that way. Google's main source of revenue is advertising, counting for almost 90% of Google's revenue in 2014. And one of their main earners, display, is falling fast.

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Let's go back to my last example, "plumbers in San Francisco." Look at what's happening above the fold with that query:That's right, baby! Paid local listings. If this test sticks, it's going to have massive implications on local search. If I were a betting man (and I am), I'm all in that this is the future of local search.

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If we want to capture that traffic moving forward, there are three things we can do: #1: Pay for it, This is very straight forward. I like to use paid search as a remarketing tactic. We capture traffic from all corners of the web, and then when those people are ready to buy (using those money keywords), we use highly targeted paid ads to snag their business.#2: Create valuable content, If we go back to my first example, best headphones, the results are dominated by content that compares ratings and pricing for various headphones.

The fact is, no one except for us cares. Instead of trying to jam those pages with links, create a piece of content that delivers what Google (and users) want. By creating value with your content, you open it up to earning social media shares and powerful links from relevant sites.

This is what she told me: - She used Pinterest search to find inspiration on how to decorate. Using keywords like "loft decorations," she narrowed it down to the specific pieces of furniture she liked. - She then went to Amazon and searched with keywords that were based on the furniture she liked on Pinterest.

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Amazon didn't have a great selection of that type. - So she moved to Ebay, knowing that she could find cheap, secondhand (i. e., rustic) furniture there. She found that most things were a little "too used," so she moved on. - Finally, she landed on Etsy, knowing they specialize in unique handmade items.

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