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Published Oct 02, 21
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What Is The Best How Long Do You Have To Get A Lawyer After A Car Accident? Program?

An attorney can help explain the best way to achieve compensation for your injuries, provide guidance on the process, evaluate the value of your case and identify the evidence you will need to obtain the best outcome. Generally, whenever possible, you should speak with an attorney before having any communications with the insurance company for the driver responsible for the collision.

Beyond that there are no hard and fast rules. We have come up with a few of our own that we advise potential clients on to help them make a decision whether to hire us or not. Below are a few of those. If you were not injured in the accident and therefore only have a property damage claim, you likely do not need to hire a lawyer.

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If you were injured in the accident then it is more likely that you will want to hire a car accident attorney. Still there may be instances where you can handle the claim on your own. For example, if you have relatively minor injuries that do not require or did not require more than a few weeks of conservative treatment (i.

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Auto insurance companies have teams of accident investigators who are experienced with putting together information that can be used to assist them in defending or denying a legitimate injury claim. Consequently, it is imperative that people injured in a car accident take steps on their behalf to protect their legal rights– by most importantly– hiring a lawyer to look out for their interests.

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Doing so will ensure you get the best advice possible on how to proceed with your claim. Most of the time an attorney will be needed in order to get you the compensation you deserve. This is because insurance companies will attempt to pressure you into settling for much less than you deserve.

That is why hiring a personal injury lawyer is imperative in these situations. Doing so will not only alleviate the stress involved with trying to settle a claim on your own, it will also ensure that you are adequately compensated. Pursuing a claim for serious injuries requires extensive resources that only an attorney will be able to provide.

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Most small claims courts have specific instructions on how to handle your own claim and a personal injury lawyer can point you in the right direction. Regardless, if you are involved in a car accident you should reach out to a car accident attorney, most if not all offer free consultations and will steer you in the right direction.

So, it follows that the more claims an insurance company pays, the less money they make. This means, insurance companies have a strong interest in paying fewer claims, and devaluing claims as much as possible. Such practices helps insurance companies protects their profit margins. So, you better believe insurance companies actively work to avoid paying you for your medical bills and damage.

Witness memories, skid marks and other reconstruction evidence, video records, and other information that is critical to your case can change or disappear. The defendants and their insurance companies are usually quick to collect and preserve this evidence. If you do not do so yourself – the right way – you are starting your case behind the eight ball.

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The value that an experienced lawyer with a track record of success can deliver varies inversely with the size of the case. In a smaller case, an argument can you can get by without an attorney. It is risky even in a small case. But it is not always unreasonable to represent yourself.

Our firm, and I’m sure most of the other lawyers offering advice here, have received overs that are more than 50 times the settlement offer given to our client before we took over the case. Also remember to take advantage of the fact that most accident lawyers will offer a free consultation.

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Many people don’t realize they have options in the aftermath of an accident. Most importantly, sharing information with insurance companies can be tricky. It’s critical to contact your insurance company immediately after an accident. However, it is generally never a good idea to speak to the insurance adjuster representing the other driver.

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You have no obligation to give an official statement to the other driver’s insurance company. In fact, locking yourself into a version of events recalled while still under duress from the accident often hurts your damage claims down the line. Soft tissue injuries of the head may not be apparent immediately.